Bram Bekker


HB 04.240

Mekelweg 4

Delft, the Netherlands

I am a PhD candidate at the Discrete Mathematics and Optimization group at TU Delft in the Netherlands. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics at Radboud University, Nijmegen.

Currently, all my projects revolve around problems in extremal geometry, i.e. problems of the form “What is the biggest set in an n-dimensional euclidean space with property X?”. I work on finding upper bounds on the sizes of these sets by exposing such a problem as an independent set problem on an infinite (i.e. topological) graph.

During my master’s I visited the George Mason Geometry Lab in Virginia, USA, for an honors program. In this project, I made computer visualizations of buildings for algebraic groups over finite and p-adic fields. We wrote a nice paper on this for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts.

selected publications

  1. Note
    On the convergence of the k-point bound for topological packing graphs
    Bram Bekker, and Fernando Mário Oliveira Filho
  2. Preprint
    Optimization hierarchies for distance-avoiding sets in compact spaces
    Bram Bekker, Olga Kuryatnikova, Fernando Mário Olivera Filho, and Juan C. Vera